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At Mastermind Sports™, we help athletes improve their skills by combining the latest advancements in neuroscience and physical training into a complete brain-body performance program.
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The world’s top teams, athletes, and scouts are taking advantage of an untapped competitive edge: the brain. Combining the latest advancements in neuroscience and physical training, pro-level athletes are achieving peak performance on and off the field, building foundational skills to beat their opponents and live healthier, sharper lives.


At Mastermind Sports, we give you access to a fully integrated, cutting-edge cognitive sports training program. Train with the same tools and concepts world-class athletes use to integrate their brain and body to achieve peak performance. Our approach provides the optimal-concentration of game-changing mental and physical development—regardless of age or skill level.

Sports Performance


If you’ve noticed the explosive growth in performance in the modern sports era, you’ve witnessed the radical benefits of cognitive sports training.


Cognitive sports training encompasses a broad range of mental tasks designed to improve various aspects of athletic performance. The science behind cognitive sports training is called neuroplasticity, which is the ability to reorganize and create new pathways in the brain.


Cognition, the mental function of the brain, enables you to gather information, process it, and act, and is a powerful aspect of an athlete’s game. These new or enhanced brain connections can improve cognition, which drives skillsets that translate directly to an athlete’s performance.


The Mastermind program takes cognitive sports training a step further. Our integrated program includes cognitive exercise, but also includes sensory stimulation, physical movement, and nutritional enhancements. This brain-body approach coordinates the athletes mental and physical abilities to allow them to excel in their sport.


Mastermind Sports makes it fun to sharpen your mind, develop game-winning skills and play your chosen sport measurably better—regardless of your skill level. Achieve daily results through our progressive, challenging, and interactive parallel protocols and state-of-the-art technology.


If you want to play like the pros, you have to train like the pros. At Mastermind Sports, we give you access to the best cognitive sports performance technology utilized by professional athletes and front offices today.


With the rise in neuroscience in sports and the breakout success of cognitively-inclined athletes, Pro and College scouts are looking for more than just physical ability. They’re now testing for cognitive performance and foundational skills, too. By training with cognitive sports tech now, you gain an early edge on your competition.

Improve Your Performance with Science & Data

It takes more than raw talent to get to the next level. Cognitive sports training develops the brain and body together to help athletes reach their full potential.


The Mastermind Program gives you access to pro-level cognitive sports technology and peak performance training in one dynamic, engaging, and fun program. By weaving brain and body training into challenging one hour circuits—plus results-driven nutritional coaching, you elevate your game with the most effective, comprehensive, and efficient training to date.


Experience proven training backed by the latest and greatest research from expert neuroscientists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, and optometrists - We develop our program from the same research pro coaches, trainers, and scouts trust.


Build foundational skills and overcome on-field weaknesses with advanced technology motion capture, virtual reality, electronic vision and reaction tools, digital motion and movement tracking, and gamified iPad-based exercises.



Our smart, self-learning technology responds to your individual cognitive and physical performance in real time, adapting to your needs and challenging you at your level until you can succeed at game-speed.



Receive comprehensive assessments with the detail of a pro scouting report. Each of our technologies capture data to evaluate your baseline performance, identify your areas of improvement, and track your progress.

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