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The Mastermind Sports Training Program

Cognitive Program Protocols, Technology and Nutrition for Athletes

Science Meets Sports Performance

How Does the Program Work?

The Mastermind Program focuses on four primary categories, which are integrated together to achieve peak total performance. The program utilizes science-based technology and equipment including digital sensorimotor stations, interactive vision and listening applications, reaction lights, virtual reality, and other equipment. These protocols are designed to engage key cognitive and body functions resulting in improved player performance.

Cognitive Training

Specific exercises designed to drive functions of the brain that enable you to think and act. The main cognitive functions are working memory (short term memory), attention (focus and staying on task), executive functions (decision-making, comprehension, etc.).

Physical Exercise

Execution of physical activities and movements, in tandem with cognitive and sensory stimulation, in order to work the brain and body together and in unison. Our program optimizes how quickly and accurately your body responds to what your brain perceives.

Sensory Stimulation

Engagement of four senses including sight, hearing, smell, and touch in order to activate differing areas of the brain and training to focus through external stimuli. We train your sensorimotor system to build your visual and visual-motor abilities.

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition is not only key to physical health, but also to your cognitive brain function. Our board-certified nutritionists offer individualized nutrition sessions to develop a unique plan to cater to your dietary needs, performance goals, and general brain and body health.

Program Details

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  • For athletes ages 10+
  • Suitable for athletes at all levels including:
    • recreational
    • competitive
    • club/travel
    • high school
    • collegiate
    • pro levels

Getting Started

We facilitate an initial athlete assessment covering various skills to set baseline performance levels. This assessment will also compare each athlete against peers in their particular sport, age, and skill level.

Total Program Length:

  • Approximately 8 weeks with a total of 16 training session (1 hour each)

Weekly Breakdown:

  • 2 onsite training sessions per week, 1 hour each session
  • 1 hour of app-based training at home per week

Post Program

We facilitate a post program athlete assessment covering various skills against their initial baseline performance levels to measure improvement. This assessment will again compare each athlete against peers in their particular sport, age, and skill level. You’ll also have an option to enroll in a post program membership.

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