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Mastermind Cognitive Training

Program Details

Program components

Developed by a team of neuroscientists, technology experts and business people, the Mastermind Sports Cognitive Training program uses the power of virtual reality and tablet gaming to target the most comprehensive set of skills that drive performance. Using adaptive technology, the games and exercises match your skill level and gradually challenge you as you improve over time.
    1. Adaptable to multiple target markets including sports, education, business, military/first responders, and aging population.
    2. Designed for all ages
    3. For those of all skill levels
    4. Memberships available for individuals, organizations, and training facilities

Program Details


An initial assessment is completed prior to training consisting of 3 standardized scientific tests along with 3 Mastermind created performance protocols. Reassessments occur continuously after every 24 training sessions completed to measure your performance and improvement. Each assessment provides a detailed reporting of results across multiple skill sets including:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Focus & Attention
  • Reaction Time
  • Memory & Recognition
  • Response Inhibition
  • Multi Object Tracking
  • Rhythm and Timing
  • Decision Making
  • Visual Processing
  • Auditory Processing
  • Eye Control and Stengthening
  • Mastermind Sports Assessment Report

    Eye Exercises

    Eye movement, control and strength is critical not only to vision, but also your ability to visual process information, focus, follow targets, and react. Mastermind has partnered with neuroscientists and eye movement and exercise experts to develop a robust eye strengthening program intended to help improve performance in varied situations. Our exercises include:

  • Optokinetics: Compensatory reflex that supports visual stabilization.
  • Saccades: Rapid movement of the eyes between fixation points.
  • Convergence/Divergence: Convergence is the ability to turn two eyes inward towards each other to look at a close object. Divergence is the opposite of convergence and is the ability to turn two eyes outward to look at a distant object.
  • Fixation: Maintaining the gaze on a single object or location.
  • Near/Far Shift: Shifting focus on a near object(s) to far object(s) quickly and continually.
  • Mastermind Sports Eye Exercises

    Warm Up Training

    Training games have been developed to prepare your brain and body for the prescribed cognitive training exercise. These short warm up games are completed prior to every individual core training game session. Like physical exercise, the approach is to ensure you are warmed up prior to giving your all in your training.

    Mastermind Sports Warm Up Training

    Cognitive Training

    Mastermind has developed 39 distinct cognitive training games focused on differing skills and delivery methods. All training games are built in a “gamified” format, meaning they have the look, feel, and playability of a video game. The backgrounds and themes are built in futuristic space themes giving the feel of playing a video game, but you are participating in hardcore cognitive training exercises. Training games are intended to create competition and opportunities for comparison to other users. Each game has auto-leveling features that cater to the user’s current skill level. They also have scoring features, which will show where you rank against other users, as well as top performer leaderboards. These training games are built to improve cognitive function and skills and require repetition to develop new and more efficient neural pathways. Each training day consists of two training protocol games.

    Mastermind Sports Sun Blazer Boss

    Program Details

    Recommended Training: Recommend 3 days per week; repetition is the key to success, the more the better.

    Training Session Duration: Each training session, which includes eye exercises, warm up, and training games, takes 20-25 minutes to complete.

    Open Play: Allows for additional training outside of the set program training sessions to enhance skills.

    Equipment Required:

    • Virtual Reality Version: Oculus quest 2, 3, or Pro versions
    • Tablet version (Apple iPad or Android, 8”+)

    Mastermind Innovation Lab: Located at 1320 North Illinois Route 59, Naperville, IL 60563. If you are local, our location provides an opportunity for advanced training and assessment with a performance coach.

    Pricing: The Mastermind program is a subscription-based model requiring registration on and then the download of our app in Meta Quest or tablet app stores. Pricing options include a monthly subscription fee or discounted options for enrolling in the program in 3, 6, or 12 month increments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • If there is room for improvement, cognitive training can help. Mastermind Sports can help kids ages 10+ who are just learning their sport as well as professional athletes trying to gain an edge.

    • Our individual memberships do not include equipment. To train with Mastermind, you’ll need an Oculus headset.

    • Our brains have the ability to change based on new experiences throughout life. This is called Neuroplasticity. Mastermind uses principles of neuroplasticity to strengthen and form new pathways in the brain that target foundational skills.  The games and exercises in our program have the intensity, duration, and repetition required to optimize the neural pathways that help athletes achieve peak performance. 

    • Cognitive training for sports has been around for years in manual or rudimentary forms and is used widely at the professional level. Mastermind’s mission is to bring the power of cognition training to every athlete.

    • Members have reported improvement across all the skills we focus on in their particular sport. A by-product of improved cognitive skill sets includes reported improvement in confidence and consistency in their in-game performance.

    • Mastermind is designed to complement your physical and sport-specific training. By working your cognitive processing skills you create a stronger brain-body connection enabling you to raise your maximum performance ceiling.

    • Mastermind cognitive training drives skills that go beyond sport including improved focus and attention, working memory, and general cognitive processing. Our member athletes have independently reported improved performance and engagement in school, work, and their personal life.