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Mastermind Sports

Training Program

Cognitive Program Protocols and Technology for Athletes
Science Meets sports Performance

How Does It Work?

Cognitive Training for Athletes of All Levels

The Mastermind program gives you access to cognitive sports technology and peak performance training in one dynamic, engaging, and fun program. Using a proprietary, immersive 360 virtual reality gaming approach, the program targets the areas of the brain associated with critical skills that drive performance.


Virtual reality games

30+ Minutes Per Session


Optimal Frequency

3+ Times Per Week

Program components

Developed by a team of neuroscientists, wellness tech experts and athletes, the Mastermind Sports Cognitive Training program uses the power of virtual reality gaming to target the most comprehensive set of skills that drive athletic performance. Using adaptive technology, the games and exercises match your skill level and gradually challenge you as you improve over time.

  • Designed for ages 13+
  • Applicable to all sports
  • For athletes of all skill levels
  • Memberships for individuals, teams and training facilities

Program Details


You'll start the program by going through an initial assessment to establish your baseline performance. This is a self-guided process using the Oculus. Based on your assessment, you'll be prescribed a training regimen that uses adaptive learning technology to level up as your performance improves. You will be re-assessed at regular intervals throughout the program so you can measure your progress.

Weekly Training Sessions

Duration and repetition are critical to Mastermind’s success. To maximize your results, train for at least 30 minutes at least three times per week. As a Mastermind member, you'll have access to up to 7 sessions each week. Every day you knock out your recommended exercises, you'll unlock freestyle mode that allows self-directed training and exploration.

Monitor Progress

As you train, you'll be able to monitor performance as you progress through the program. The leaderboard will show your improvement and how you measure up against other athletes. Access all of your performance data through the app dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • If there is room for improvement, cognitive training can help. Mastermind Sports can help kids ages 10+ who are just learning their sport as well as professional athletes trying to gain an edge.

  • Our individual memberships do not include equipment. To train with Mastermind, you’ll need an Oculus headset.

  • Our brains have the ability to change based on new experiences throughout life. This is called Neuroplasticity. Mastermind uses principles of neuroplasticity to strengthen and form new pathways in the brain that target foundational skills.  The games and exercises in our program have the intensity, duration, and repetition required to optimize the neural pathways that help athletes achieve peak performance. 

  • Cognitive training for sports has been around for years in manual or rudimentary forms and is used widely at the professional level. Mastermind’s mission is to bring the power of cognition training to every athlete.

  • Members have reported improvement across all the skills we focus on in their particular sport. A by-product of improved cognitive skill sets includes reported improvement in confidence and consistency in their in-game performance.

  • Mastermind is designed to complement your physical and sport-specific training. By working your cognitive processing skills you create a stronger brain-body connection enabling you to raise your maximum performance ceiling.

  • Mastermind cognitive training drives skills that go beyond sport including improved focus and attention, working memory, and general cognitive processing. Our member athletes have independently reported improved performance and engagement in school, work, and their personal life.