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Mastermind Sports

Training Program

Cognitive Program Protocols and Technology for Athletes
Train like the pros

How Does It Work?

Science Meets Sports Performance

The Mastermind Sports Program focuses on four primary categories, which are combined to achieve peak athletic performance. The program utilizes science-based technology and equipment including virtual reality, digital sensorimotor stations, interactive vision and auditory applications, reaction lights, visual training glasses, balance boards, and other equipment.

Ways we elevate your game

Program Details

Step 1: Book your Evaluation

Your athletic evaluation covers various skills to set baseline performance levels.

Your evaluation compares each athlete against peers in their particular sport, age, and skill level.

Step 2: Start the Program

Total Program Length:
8 weeks with a total of 16 training sessions (1 hour each)

Weekly Breakdown:
Two 1-hour sessions in the facility.
One 1-hour session at home.

Step 3: Post Program

Your post-program evaluation will again compare you against your initial evaluation baseline as well as peers in your particular sport, age, and skill level.

You’ll have an option to enroll in a post-program maintenance membership.

Athletes ages 10+

Mastermind Sports is suitable for athletes at all levels including: recreational, competitive, club/travel, high school, collegiate, and pro levels.