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Cognitive Training at Work

The same essential skills athletes need to succeed translate directly to the workplace. The Mastermind Sports cognitive training program is an easy, effective and affordable way to help professionals improve their performance on the job. Whether you want to set up a Mastermind studio to entice your workers back to the office or augment your wellness program for a distributed workforce, we can work with you to design a program that works best for you

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Mastermind for Organizations

Looking for an innovative way to help your employees sharpen their attention, focus and memory while battling burnout? Mastermind can help. 

  • Incorporate into your wellness program
  • Use as a professional development tool
  • Use a gamified approach to target essential on-the-job skills like attention and focus, working memory and decision making
  • Help employees manage stress
  • Create a culture that prioritizes brain health and wellness
  • Differentiate your benefits offering



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