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Take the first step with your 60-minute sports evaluation.

What is the value of the sports evaluation?

The Mastermind Sports evaluation is a fun, athletic challenge that is used as a baseline for your training program. You'll learn about your strengths and the opportunities you have to elevate your game.

The evaluation measures important skill sets which are then compared to other individuals and athletes in the same age and performance range.

This image shows an example report that will outline your strengths and weaknesses in certain areas in an easy to read radar chart. 



What you can expect:

In this 60 minute appointment you'll meet with one of our Mastermind Sports coaches who will guide you through exercises.

Then we will measure your performance in the following areas that are critical to sports performance:

  • eye movement
  • cognitive function
  • balance
  • reaction time
  • focus/attention
  • memory, and more.

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