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Learn how the Mastermind Sports program Elevates Your Game in all sports at all levels

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At Mastermind, we empower athletes to elevate their skills by integrating the latest advancements in neuroscience and eye-strengthening techniques with virtual reality and tablet technology. Our cutting-edge brain training program, designed in a gamified format, provides a self-guided experience that navigates you toward success. Access intensive cognitive training instantly with just a click of an app.

Cognitive sports training enhances your brain’s performance similarly to how physical training builds muscle—through isolation, overload, and repetition. This approach maximizes your cognitive abilities, just as traditional training maximizes your physical capabilities.

Imagine the competitive edge you will gain by incorporating advanced cognitive and eye movement skills into your practice and game performance, as well as in everyday life. With Mastermind, you can effectively Train Your Brain and unlock your full potential.

Start today by clicking the Register Now button and embark on the most advanced and exciting training available. Focused on improving the foundational skills essential for peak performance, Mastermind offers a seamless training experience. Simply download the Mastermind app from the Meta Quest or tablet app store, and start training at home. Now is the time to seize your competitive edge and unleash the power of your brain!



Don't See Your Sport?

The essential performance skills you can develop through Mastermind Cognitive Sports Training can translate to any sport. Looking to beat your friends in pickleball—we can help. Want to dominate in eSports—cognitive training is a must.  Need a mental edge on the track—we’ve got your back. If your sport involves your brain and your body—Mastermind can help you elevate your game.

-Baseball -Gymnastics -Softball
-Basketball -Hockey -Target Sports
-Boxing/MMA -Lacrosse -Tennis
-eSports -Pickleball -Track & Field
-Football -Skiing -Volleyball
-Golf -Soccer -Wrestling


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