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Embrace the Future of Sports Performance Training

For teams and facilities who want to develop their athletes using the latest in science and technology, cognitive training is quickly becoming essential—not optional. The Mastermind Sports cognitive training program is an easy, effective and affordable way to modernize your approach and offer your teams and athletes a competitive edge.


Why Mastermind

We offer flexible options for coaches and facilities that want to integrate Mastermind Sports Cognitive Training into their programs. We offer special pricing, customized equipment packages and ongoing training and support. 
  • Attract top talent
  • Differentiate your program
  • Train the whole athlete
  • Bring in new clients
  • Build better players and teams
  • Create a new profit center
  • Minimal space needed

  • Self-guided

  • Requires little oversight

How it Works

Making Mastermind a Part of Your Program is Easy

We set our partners up for success by providing all of the equipment they need along with training, ongoing support and flexible pricing options so you can make Mastermind work for you.  


Each athlete goes through an initial assessment to establish baseline performance. This is a self-guided process using the Oculus and tablet. Then, athletes have prescribed a training regimen that uses adaptive learning technology to meet individuals where they are and level up as their skills improve.

Weekly Training Sessions

Duration and repetition are critical to Mastermind’s success. Initially athletes are recommended to train for 40 to 45 minutes at least two times per week. As a Mastermind partner, your athletes will have access to up to 7 sessions each week between their prescribed training regimen as well as open gym that they can use on-site or at home.

Monitor Progress

You and your athletes will be able to monitor performance as they progress through the program. In addition to ongoing assessments, the leaderboard will allow members to see their improvement and how they measure up against other athletes. You'll have access to usage data, ranking, and stats by athlete.


Learn How Mastermind Sports Can Work for You