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About Mastermind Sports

We help athletes at all skill levels achieve peak performance by giving them access to the same game-changing cognitive sports training pro's use to gain a distinct competitive edge.

Breakthrough to your potential

In every athlete exists a new dimension of athletic potential. Hidden in your mind may be the next game-winning play, the next breakthrough, or the next awe-inspiring achievement.

We’re on a mission to help young and aspiring athletes reach their potential by bringing pro-level cognitive sports training to them. Because if you train like the pro’s, you can develop the skills to play like the pro’s.


What drives us? Belief.

Belief that when you harness the power of the brain, you help athletes reach their full potential. Belief that every athlete deserves access to the best training and technology available. Belief in the whole-athlete: in engaging athletes with a brain-and-body approach because that’s what gains the best results.

But most of all, we believe this: cognitive sports performance training is the most effective, most cutting-edge means to advancing athletes to their next level.

That’s why we bring pro-level cognitive sports performance training to young athletes: to not only reach their next level, but their highest level—at the precise moment when their brains and body are primed for peak athletic development.


The Pros Use Cognitive Sports Training

How have athletes like Steph Curry and Mookie Betts transcended conventional wisdom, smashed records, and changed their games?

The pros use cognitive sports training.

Learn how the world’s best athletes and major-league teams tap into the power of neuroscience to gain an unmistakable advantage on the field.