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Strengthen Essential Skills

The Mastermind Sports Program targets critical skills in order to elevate your game and give you a critical edge against the competition.
It's more than just drills

Dominate Your Game

The Mastermind Cognitive Sports Training Program helps you build your skillset in the following essential areas.

Hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination can drive the difference between hitting your goal or just missing your chance. A complex cognitive connection, hand-eye coordination is the relationship between your visual and motor skills. When in tune, it translates into remarkable performance.

Reaction Time

You can win or lose in the split-seconds it takes from seeing something to doing something. Reaction time measures the time between stimulus and response, and an improvement in fractions-of-seconds makes for a clear edge—whether you’re catching a ball or breaking a fall.

Decision Making

Every moment in every game, you’re faced with an array of possibilities—but those who make the fastest and best decisions win. Decision making is the cognitive skill of processing every potential action, evaluating your options, and picking your best choice in real time. With well-developed decision making, you make better choices faster.

Focus + Attention

As an athlete you have one clear goal: to compete for the win. However, you’re not just competing against your opponent, you’re also competing with an endless array of stimuli vying for your attention. Focus, the ability to concentrate on one stimulus while simultaneously filtering out every other, helps you make winning moves more reliably.


When your body and brain are put to the test, you must be able to stay poised. Balance, your ability to stay steady despite shifting movement and challenges to your equilibrium, gives you a strong foundation to improve your speed and strength—and enables you to make the right plays, no matter what.


What if you were so skilled at predicting your opponent’s next move they thought you could read minds? Anticipation is the cognitive ability to recognize patterns, recall tendencies, and predict activities in the moment. Develop this skill and you can position yourself for success while the play’s still unfolding.

Memory & Recognition

Smart athletes never seem to forget, carrying what feels like an encyclopedia of scouting reports, plays, and audibles in their minds. Memory and recognition go hand-in-hand, defining the brain’s ability to store information, access it on instinct or demand, and identify similar patterns while in the heat of action.

Multi-Object Tracking

Nothing exists in isolation: whether you’re playing a team sport or coordinating a complex task, you are at a distinct advantage if you’re able to track many moving parts at once. Multi-object tracking is the skill of visually tracking multiple objects in a dynamic environment: like a ball in the air and a defender on your back.

Spatial Reasoning

When you’re on the field, you’re not just sizing up the competition: your brain is hard at work surveying every dimension of the field—and your place in it. Spatial reasoning is how we relate to our environment; not just how we navigate our space, but how we perceive it, too.

Mental Resilience

The road to victory is riddled with rough conditions, surprising pitfalls, and painful setbacks. Don’t let yesterday’s setback become today’s negative head game. Mental resilience is the cognitive skill of overcoming difficult mental states and negative external stimuli to remain composed and in control.

Dynamic Vision

Think of all the cues, distractions, and stimuli that race across your eyes while you’re running towards your goal. Precise visual perception can be the difference between winning and losing. Dynamic vision is your ability to orient your eyes towards your target stimulus in a perpetually-moving, rapidly-changing, and high-energy environment.

Cognitive Processing

Sports are more complex than they look. Between rules (written and unwritten), plays, opponents, movements, and more—all operating at game speed, athletes are tasked with collecting, cataloging, recalling, and interacting with vast amounts of information in a short span of time, also known as cognitive processing.

This is Your Opportunity

Most athletes typically focus on working their bodies to build strength, agility, speed, coordination, and stamina. But the best also develop vital skills like reaction time, focus and attention, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception, each powered and fine-tuned in the brain.

Cognitive sports training works the brain like a muscle to maximize your cognitive performance just as you would your body—through isolation, overload, and repetition.

Imagine the advantage of integrating an entire system of the human body into your game, while your competition sticks to stale thinking. We can show you how.

baseball boy and soccer girl

Integrated Sports Training

You might not know it by name, but if you’ve noticed the explosive growth in performance in the modern sports era, you’ve witnessed it’s radical benefits. Cognitive sports training is a brain-and-body-focused training system recognizing the mind’s key role in peak sports performance.

Cognition, the mental function of the brain enabling you to gather information, process it, and act, is a powerful aspect of an athlete’s game—yet often goes ignored by the average competitor. And the professional athletes, teams, and scouts that recognize it’s distinct advantage on- and off-the-field are reaping the rewards.

Cognitive Exercises

Physical Training

Brain-Body Coordination

Visual & Auditory Skills

Learn how, through training the brain and body together, Mastermind Sports makes it fun to sharpen your mind, develop game-winning skills and play your chosen sport measurably better—regardless of your skill level. Achieve daily results through our state-of-the-art technology and our challenging and integrative protocols.