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Build Critical Skills

The Mastermind Cognitive Training Program targets critical skills in order to elevate your performance and gives you a critical edge.
It's more than just drills

Dominate Your Game

Foundational skills like focus, reaction time, memory, and hand-eye coordination are developed at a cognitive level. Honing these critical skills is fundamental in everyday life. The Mastermind training program is designed using virtual reality and tablet technology to enhance the following skills to help you practice, study, and perform at your best.

Memory & Recognition

Faculty by which the brain stores and remembers information, this retention and recollection of information over time has the purpose of influencing future action.

Decision Making

Ability to make split-second decisions, based on situational stimuli and awareness in a dynamic environment, to achieve your intended goal.

Rhythm & Timing

Movement and timing efficiency and your ability to anticipate and respond in a multitude of situations.

Response Inhibition

Allows an individual to control their impulses and natural, habitual, or dominant behavioral response to stimuli.

Visual Processing

Sharpen your eye-body connection by improving your ability to process visual information with speed and accuracy

Eye Control & Strengthening

Strengthening the eye to better control movement, enhance fixations, better shift from near and far targets, and smoothly follow stimuli with both direction and depth.

Focus + Attention

Ability to focus attention to a stimulus or activity over a long period of time, with and without distractions.

Auditory Processing

Process of recognizing and interpreting information taken in through the sense of sound.

Hand-eye coordination

The way one’s hands and sight work together to do things that require speed and accuracy, such as coordinated control of eye movement and hand movement, to perform skilled and everyday tasks.

Multi-Object Tracking

Ability to simultaneously monitor multiple objects as they move, with and without distraction.

Reaction Time

Amount of time that takes place between when we perceive something and when we respond to it.

This is Your Opportunity

Cognitive training works the brain like a muscle to maximize your cognitive performance just as you would your body—through isolation, overload, and repetition.

Imagine the advantage you have when enhancing key cognitive and eye movement skills in your life. We can help you Train your Brain!

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