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Mastermind Sports

About Us

Making Cognitive Training Accessible to Every Athlete

MISSION:  The bring the power of technology based cognitive training to the masses to help people realize their true performance potential.

Our History

The Mastermind Sports story began with a group of individuals having a casual conversation about the brain and how it could achieve its potential using modern technology. That group was made of neuroscientists, researchers, technology experts, game developers, educators, and business leaders; all of whom were sports fanatics. Bringing expertise from differing backgrounds led to an array of ideas and questions that resulted in additional, deeper discussion. It was soon determined that many scientifically based opportunities existed to build a world class, technology based, cognitive training program designed to improve brain-body performance and function.

The first focus of this training platform is related to sports and athlete performance. It was realized that professional sports organizations and teams valued athletes with high cognitive ability as they performed better. In fact, the four largest professional sports leagues in the US started utilizing a standard cognitive testing platform at their draft combines to help in their athlete selection and decision making. This made sense, however it created a key question; why would you test athletes at the high-level college and professional levels, but not provide proactive cognitive training to develop these skills in athletes at the developmental levels? Our goal became to bring cognitive training to all athletes, at all levels, all skills, and ages to preemptively support better brain, eye, and body function as part of their development and performance improvement.

Now, Mastermind Sports has developed a virtual reality, and tablet based, cognitive training platform and is making it available to the masses. The training platform has been developed to be self-guided, in a gamified format, auto leveling to everyone’s skill level. The training looks and feels like you are playing an array of video games, but games that are good for you. However, make no mistake, this is hardcore training. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, our training programs go beyond sports to improve performance in anyone’s everyday life including school/education, on the job, in business, for military and first responders, and more!

Mastermind Cognitive Training is ready to make a positive impact in your life!


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