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Training program overview

The Mastermind Cognitive Training program consists of training sessions delivered within a virtual reality (VR) environment.
A "session" is a training period for a day combining warm-up exercises and training games; all games assigned to the training session need to be completed to advance to the next day’s training session. Each session will be pre-loaded with that day’s assigned training; you will not need to worry about choosing the correct games to play to complete the session, as our program will advance you seamlessly between games within each session. All training sessions start with warm-up exercises and are followed by the assigned training games for the day. 


You’ll start with three (3) warm-up exercises each day you train. Each exercise has individual instructions provided to you when you access each activity. For the warm-up exercises, it’s important to keep your head still as you go through each component, as the exercises are designed to focus on eye movement. 



The training games consist of four (4) modules: Star Catcher, Sun Blazer, Moon Shadow, and Coherence

  1. Star Catcher consists of six (6) core training games plus an additional eight (8) games based on combinations of the core games. All the games within Star Catcher center around multiple-object tracking, and they utilize paddles as the primary hand control. At the end of each training game, you will play against the Boss, the game nemesis, in a fun bonus round.
  2. Sun Blazer consists of 12 training games, utilizing shooters as the primary hand control. All of the games within Sun Blazer center around anticipation and working memory. In these games, the Boss appears intermittently to serve as a distractor.
  3. Moon Shadow consists of 12 training games, utilizing gloves as the primary hand control to punch targets. All of the games within Moon Shadow center around working memory, cueing, and attention. Similar to Star Catcher games, the Boss appears at the end of each training game for a bonus round.
  4. Coherence is a training game that is based on rhythm and timing. Drumsticks serve as hand controls for this game, which focuses on strengthening visual tracking abilities. 


For all of the exercises and training games, if you need to pause (or are forced to disconnect due to a power outage or losing internet, for example), you will have 24 hours to resume play. After 24 hours, your session will need to be restarted from the beginning. 



Mastermind strongly recommends training a minimum of three (3) days per week. The more repetition you have in training, the better chance you have of improving your results. We understand that life may get in the way occasionally; don’t let that discourage you. Jump back in as soon as you can! Mastermind’s training program is built with the ability to use daily. 
Once you have completed your assigned training session for a day, the system will open up to allow you to play additional games of your choosing (Open Play), up to five (5) games per day. Your training sessions will update overnight and be ready to advance you the next day.