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Cognitive Sports Training

It takes more than raw talent to get to the next level. The world's top teams, coaches and athletes are taking advantage of an untapped competitive edge; THE BRAIN. Mastermind provides athletes at all levels access to comprehensive cognitive performance training in one dynamic, engaging, and fun program. Achieve peak performance on and off the field by building foundational skills to beat your opponents and live a sharper life.

Improve Performance

The Future of Performance Training is Here

At Mastermind Sports, we help athletes improve their skills by combining the latest advancements in neuroscience and eye strengthening techniques, with virtual reality and tablet technology, to create a cutting-edge brain training program. Our self-guided training program, created in a gamified format, will help navigate you to success. You now have access to hardcore cognitive training at the click of an app. Simply download the Mastermind Sports app from the Oculus or tablet app store and get ready to start your training at home.

Start today by clicking the register now button and get ready to begin the most advanced and exciting training on the market, focused on improving the foundational skills necessary to perform and be your best. The Mastermind program is designed to help individuals at all ages and skill levels achieve their goals and improve. The time to seize your competitive edge, and unleash the power of your brain, is now!

What is cognitive sports training?

Cognitive training is like a workout for your brain. Just as you exercise to keep your muscles strong and healthy, cognitive training involves doing specific activities and games that help improve your mental abilities. These activities can sharpen skills like speed of processing and reaction, memory, attention, problem-solving, and more.

The science behind cognitive training is called neuroplasticity, which is the ability to reorganize and create new pathways in the brain. This training can be adapted to sports with the goal of working out the brain and body together to become more efficient, allowing you to practice better and play your best!

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Reach your potential

Why train with Mastermind Sports

Our training program has been developed specifically to help an athlete at any age or level improve their brain functions critical to the intake of visual or auditory input, quick processing, and fast physical reactions. In addition, the program includes a full range of eye movement and strengthening exercises helping to improve eye control, making activities like tracking objects and reading more efficient. These exercises also help avoid eye fatigue, promote better eye coordination, and improve visual eye processing speed.

Mastermind has developed its training platform using virtual reality technology (Oculus 2, 3 and pro), allowing a full 360 immersive experience. The program includes 39 distinct training games, 5 eye movement protocols, initial and ongoing assessment testing, and extensive onboarding and usage tutorials. The training protocols have been created in a gaming format to make training fun, giving the feel of playing a video game – that is good for you! The virtual reality format has enabled the development of a training platform providing unlimited features, depth, and functionality necessary to providing a full brain and body experience.

We have also created a tablet version (Apple iPad and Android) of the Mastermind program to make the power of cognitive and eye movement training available to those without access to virtual reality equipment. The tablet version of the Mastermind program will be available in April 2024.

The Mastermind program helps the athlete better focus, learn, and execute in practice, allowing them to perform their best in games. The skills developed through the training will also help outside of sports into regular life including in the classroom or at your job.

Train like the pros

Unlock your competitive edge.

The world’s top teams, athletes, and scouts are taking advantage of an untapped competitive edge: the brain. Combining the latest advancements in neuroscience, pro-level athletes are achieving peak performance on and off the field, building foundational skills to beat their opponents and live healthier, sharper lives.


Become A Mastermind Partner

For sports teams, sports organizations, or training facilities who want to develop their athletes using the latest in science and technology, cognitive training is quickly becoming essential, not optional. The long list of skills our programs helps to develop relate directly to an athlete’s performance in practice, on the field, and in life. The Mastermind program offers an easy and effective way to bring cognitive training to your team or facility to give your athletes a competitive edge.

We offer flexible options for coaches and facilities that want to integrate Mastermind Cognitive Sports Training. Below is a list of benefits to partnering with Mastermind.

  • Attract top talent
  • Differentiate your program
  • Improve player and team performance
  • Attract new clients
  • Self guided program with minimal oversight
  • Available across age and competition levels
  • Ongoing training and support to team, facility, and athletes
  • Players can train at home or in facility with minimal space and equipment requirements
  • Cross promotion of brands
  • Offer special discount pricing

The Mastermind Cognitive Training Program is also designed to help people achieve beyond sports. We offer a great opportunity to implement cutting edge cognitive training and eye strengthening exercises into your classroom, office, or unit. We are ready to make an impact in the following areas:

  • Education, schools, and educators
  • Business and companies
  • Military and First Responders

Learn more about the Mastermind program and how it can help you and your athlete, students, employees, or hero’s success. These demos are a great opportunity to ask specific questions and design a partnership program that would be best for you. It is time to Elevate Your Game!