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At Mastermind Sports™, we help athletes gain an edge by integrating the latest advancements in sports and neuroscience into a complete cognitive sports performance brain-body program.


Unlock Your Edge

The world’s top teams, athletes, and scouts are taking advantage of an untapped competitive edge: the brain. Combining the latest advancements in neuroscience, sports, and technology, pro-level players are achieving peak performance on- and off-the-field, building foundational skills to beat their opponents and live healthier, sharper lives.


At Mastermind Sports, we give you access to the full range of fun, cutting-edge cognitive sports training tools.

Train with the same tools and concepts world-class athletes use to integrate their brain and body—and win. Our whole-athlete approach provides the optimal-concentration of game-changing mental, physical, and nutritional development—regardless of age or skill level.

Improve Your Performance with Science & Data

It takes more than raw talent to get to the next level. Cognitive sports training develops the brain and body together to help athletes reach their full potential.


The Mastermind Program gives you access to pro-level cognitive sports technology and peak performance training in one dynamic, engaging, and fun program. By weaving brain and body training into challenging one hour circuits—plus results-driven nutritional coaching, you elevate your game with the most effective, comprehensive, and efficient training to date.


Experience proven training backed by the latest and greatest research from expert neuroscientists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, and optometrists - We develop our program from the same research pro coaches, trainers, and scouts trust.


Build foundational skills and overcome on-field weaknesses with advanced technology motion capture, virtual reality, electronic vision and reaction tools, digital motion and movement tracking, and gamified iPad-based exercises.



Our smart, self-learning technology responds to your individual cognitive and physical performance in real time, adapting to your needs and challenging you at your level until you can succeed at game-speed.



Receive comprehensive assessments with the detail of a pro scouting report. Each of our technologies capture data to evaluate your baseline performance, identify your areas of improvement, and track your progress.

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